Reporting a Lost Dog:

1. Contact the dog warden's office at (419) 898-1368. A lost dog report will be filled out by our staff and kept on file for 30 days. 

2. Visit our shelter to look for your dog. We work very hard to help identify your dog, however decriptions may vary by individual and many dogs look alike.

Reporting a Stray Dog:

1. If you have found a dog please contact our office immediately. So that a found dog report can be filed.

2. Please keep in mind if you keep a stray dog for more than two weeks you become the harborer of that dog which means you will be held responsible for the dogs actions and any surrender fees or restiution fees incurred by the dog.

Reporting a Dog Bite:

1. All dog bites must be reported to the Ottawa County Health Department per Ohio Revised Code.

          Ottawa County Health Department

1856 E Perry Street

Port Clinton, Oh 43452

(419) 734-6800​