All matters pretaining to the dog warden's office are subject to approval and revision by the Ottawa County Commissioners Office.

The dog warden's office is responsible for registering all dogs in the county, picking up stray dogs that are running at large. We are also legally responsible for investigating livestock kills by coyotes and black vultures.

All other sevices such as, intake of owner surrender dogs are a courtesy of the dog warden's office and subject to change without notice.

Our office is 100% self-suported, this office does not recieve any money from the general tax payer fund. All expences of the dog shelter are paid using the funds collected from the sell of dog licenses, impound and redemption fees and court fines.

The dog warden's office does not respond to barking dog complaints, cat complaints or wildlife complaints.

About the Dog Warden's Office

Ottawa County Dog Warden

8400 West State Route 163

Oak Harbor Oh 43449

Phone: (419) 898-1368

Fax: (419) 898-2056



Monday & Tuesday   8am - 4pm

Wednesday             12pm - 4pm

Thursday & Friday    8am - 4pm

Saturday & Sunday      Closed